History and Present Status

Haeri University of Meybod was initiated as a unit of Yazd University by admitting thirty students in theology and Islamic studies ) Teacher Education( in october 1995.
This trend has continued until 1997. Theology and Islamic studies promoted to Quran and Hadith Sciences in 1997 and admitting students in the majors of Jurisprudence and Islamic law and Quranic sciences and hadith was started in 2000.
Faculty of Theology of Meybod conducted its academic activities by admitting graduate students in Jurisprudence and Islamic law, Quranic sciences and hadith and Philosophy and Islamic Kalam in 2007.
These majors besides the experienced and qualified academic staff introduced the Faculty of Theology of Meybod as a specialized research centre in the field of Islamic Sciences in iran.
In 2009, the Schools of Iranology began admitting interested students and academic staff in this field.
The progressive rate of construction and educational activities led to upgrading the Faculty of Theology to the Higher Education Complex of  Meybod in 1389 (2010).
PhD students were admitted to academic majors of  Jurisprudence and Islamic law and Quranic sciences and hadith   in 2012.
Higher Education Complex of Meybod was elevated to independent Haeri University of Meybod by admitting students to faculty Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Humanities in 2013.
At the present time, Haeri University of Meybod has 3 faculties, including: faculty Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Humanities.
There are about 2200 students studying in 28 different fields in three levels of Bachelor, Master and PhD at the university. The university has an area of 160 ha with a total building area of 33000 m2.
The university is proud of it’s popularity and With the support of  Meybod Foundation and Ministry of Science Research and Technology many substantial constructive projects have been completed.
The dormitory building are segregated in to male and female. There are two buildings allocated to the male students with a capacity of 330 and area of 3000m2 in the campus. A separate buildings are allocated to female students with a capacity of 450 and area of 5000m2. There are five dormitory building currently under construction.
As well as a library with the basic collection of about 2500 Persian and non Persian books, fully equipped computer center, foreign languages and physics labs, conference room and self-service are provided in campus.
main campus projects including, stadium, mosque, Student Residential Complex and centeral lab are partly furnished.
We are proud that The university has been very successful in its research and teaching. The progressiver rate of student acceptance through national entrance examination (called Konkoor) in graduate (MSc., ME and PhD) are confirming.
The ISC Journal of Qayem book has been published as a scientific-research quarterly from 2011 by Haeri university of Meybod. The Journal of Qayem book , being a specialized journal, accepts research articles/papers in th