Meybod University started its activity at first as “The Faculty of Theology “affiliated to Yazd University in October, 1995. At the beginning, 30 students were admitted in the field of “Theology and Islamic studies”. At 1997, this field was changed to “Quranic sciences and hadith” and then at 2000, “Jurisprudence and Islamic law” was added. After that, the progress of this faculty was accelerated so that:
In 2007, obtained a license for admitting postgraduate students on existing fields;
In 2008, attracted faculty members and students in the field of “philosophy and Islamic Kalam”; establishing this field along with “Quranic sciences and hadith” and “Theology and Islamic studies” as well as experienced professors introduced the Theology faculty of Meybod as a specialized center in the study of modern studies in the field of Islamic sciences in Iran.
In 2009, obtained the license for the field of “Iranology” as the first non-theology field.
In September 2010, promoted to the higher education complex for development of its educational activities and building spaces;
In 2012, obtained a license for admitting doctorate students in “jurisprudence”, “criminal law” and “Quranic sciences and hadith”;

And finally, in 2013, with admission of students in technical and engineering sciences and humanities, promoted to “University” and continued to work with three Faculties of Theology and Islamic Sciences, Engineering, and Humanities.
Meybod university has now more than 2000 students in 4 fields in PhD, 11 fields in M.A and 15 fields in B.A degree, as well as 61 faculty members. It is located on an area of 160 hectares, in an appropriate position next to north-south transit road, with teaching and educational assistance area of 20,000 square meters and 13,000 square meters of dormitory and welfare space. At male dormitory, 330 students and at female dormitory, 450 students can be accommodated.
Among honors of the Meybod university is that an average of 56 percent of university graduates admit to postgraduate degrees, which represents that the university has an experienced faculty members as well as the appropriate educational and research facilities. Among the research activities of the university is “Ketab-e Qayyem”, a scientific-research journal with a nationwide scope. This journal has been published since 2011 and is one of the reference journals in the field of Islamic sciences and is in the ISC publication group.
At last, it should be noted is that a significant portion of the university's development costs has been provided by the Meybod’s benefactors and, in particular, the Meybodi Institution.